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Entrepreneurship - Student Clubs

Drexel Entrepreneur Association

The Drexel Entrepreneur Association (DEA) is a student-run organization that focuses on preparing students to be entrepreneurs in the future. The organization's two main focuses are: the development of interest and passion within students, and opportunity creation and connection.

The DEA holds a variety of programs that link students to available opportunities for growth in the region, including panels, guest speaker events, networking events, and competitions. The DEA also works closely with the Baiada Institute for Entrepreneurship to connect students with opportunities such as Business Plan Competitions, local venture seed programs, workshops, and more.

Members of the DEA hone their business plan creation skills and have ample opportunities to network with regional entrepreneurs - which can lead to mentorship and internship opportunities.

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Graduate Entrepreneurship Club

The Graduate Entrepreneurship Club (E-club) works closely with the Baiada Institute for Entrepreneurship to provide all Drexel graduate students with the necessary resources and networking opportunities - both within and outside the Drexel Community -- to help them start businesses.

To foster this entrepreneurial spirit, the E-club:

  • Hosts series of events with hot topics for startups and lessons from experienced entrepreneurs. All events are followed by networking receptions which give the opportunity to students to connect with the key people for financing/advising issues.
  • Holds general membership meetings to discuss entrepreneurial ventures, form teams to participate in Business Plan Competitions, and lead future entrepreneurs to the right resource direction.
  • Publicizes "Entrepreneurial Inter-View" articles with real-life lessons by successful entrepreneurs throughout the world.


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